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Editorial policy


The Institut du Nouveau Monde, hereafter the INM, manages a website that promotes the Rêver pour créer initiative and collects the dreams, hopes and ambitions that Quebecers have for society in 2040. The website provides access to information on the participation procedure, INM partners, promotional tools and the dreams of those who choose to participate. 

The editorial policy aims to define the general framework for the information made available on the reverpourcreer.ca website as well as the standards for publishing, managing and presenting content. 

General Principles

Information available on the site is part of the Rêver pour créer initiative and the purpose of the resources shared on the site is to: 

  • explain the initiative’s objectives;
  • provide a space for discussion so that young people, children, families and organizations working with these groups, especially those who are often not being heard, can express their dreams, hopes and ambitions for Quebec society in a variety of creative ways; 
  • allow the ideas from the imaginations of young people, children and families to be expressed, while promoting respect for others, the common good and tolerance of divergent opinions.

Website Content: 

The content of the website is divided into two parts: information provided by the website administrator and contributions from participants. 

Information provided by the site administrator: 

The language used to broadcast information on the website is French. Texts are subject to linguistic revision before publication. The INM applies the relevant statements of the Charter of the French Language, as well as the Commission de toponymie du Québec [Toponomy Commission of Quebec] guides with respect to the names of cities and municipalities. 

Editorial policy for participants' contributions: Dreams. 

The contributions of the participants, i.e. the dreams, hopes and ambitions for society in 2040, are moderated by the website administrators. The language of the dreams is respected, and the texts will not be translated. 

Moderation is limited to the correction of the titles of dreams which present obvious typing errors and to the non-publication of contributions containing speech that is hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, intimidating, defamatory, aggressive, vulgar or of a violent nature, or comments containing false information or participating in misinformation.

In the case of texts in a language other than the official languages of Canada, special care will be taken to ensure that they also respect the principles set out above.

Target audience

The initiative’s target audience is the entire population living in the territory of Quebec. Particular attention will be paid to reaching children under 8 years of age, young people, ages 9 to 20, families with children, ages 8 to 20, and organizations working with these populations.


The INM ensures that the presentation of its content meets current Internet standards. In order to make the website accessible to people with disabilities, the INM has complied with the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.


The INM ensures that the information provided on the website does not violate privacy rights, particularly with respect to the confidentiality of identifying information. Information such as the participant's first name, age and city will be posted with their submissions. 

Deadline for posting

Since participants' submissions are subject to a moderation process, it can take up to 7 days for them to be posted on the website. If after this time the submission is not posted, it is implied the submission violates the provisions of this editorial policy and will not be published at a later date.